Who are we ?

METALCO is a Congolese construction company specializing in metal construction in the province of Katanga, DRC.

During these years, Metalco has built a solid reputation and is one of the leading metal construction companies in Katanga.

METALCO specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of all types of steel constructions.

Established in 1991 as a small manufacturing workshop, METALCO has since grown considerably. The company is now a major player in Katanga with its experienced and very well organized workshop.

Faced with the skills challenges in Africa, METALCO employees are fully trained. High standards are applied in the field of technology, health and safety.

The works undertaken by METALCO are of various types and sizes such as commercial buildings, mining, industrial, religious, institutional and private sites.

METALCO’s core business includes civil engineering, steel supply, design, construction and project management.

Civil construction
Machine and labor rental
Steel construction
Roads, storm sewers and other general constructions
Solutions in all areas